About Us

Who is KeKo?

KeKo is a small, local skincare boutique based in San Francisco, California. Living each day in the bustling Silicon Valley, our founder, KeKo, found that each her skin was bearing the brunt of her everyday life, losing its youthful elasticity day by day. 

One day, KeKo stumbled across the art of Gua Sha, an ancient, secret gem of East Asia. After one use on only half her face, KeKo saw a visible, significant difference. Half her face was droopy and loose, while the other was tight and had a youthful, healthy glow.

Since then, KeKo has dedicated herself to offering other women the same confidence and rejuvination that Gua Sha has given her. KeKo's Gua Sha tools are like no other, sourced directly from China and made of only the finest jade stone.

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